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I think these links can be helpful, I will change them regularly and keep posting me if you want to know about a specific thing and want its link, ok?


Draw and design whatever you want, it's simple and creative!



Best music lyrics that you can ever find!



In this site you can read many books and plays for the most famous writers ever. You can search the site for names of writers so as to get his works and when you choose one of those works, you can read it page by page. Or you can search for a name of a play or a novel to get it like the famous "Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare and "Hard times" by Charles Dickens



The site is clear from his name! Through it you can get the results of Wimbledon matches, reports and interviews with the Champion stars



All these sites talk about birds, including pictures and lots of information about them




Through this site you can have a program that will help you to test your typing speed. The program also have some exercises to train you on using the keyboard...



Through this site you will be able to know a lot of information about the science giants like Thomas Edison, Mary Curie,



That's a very cool site where you can find many things about Alexandria and its history. In addition to a guide to all the Alexandrian restaurants, clinics, libraries and so many other things



This site contains a big amount of programs which you can get on your pcprograms are classified into many different groups so as to get whatever you want easily



Through this site you can download a program that can help you to translate English Text into 11 other different languages



Through this site you can download a program by which you can protect your PC from hackers because when a hacker starts hacking your PC, this program starts to bring you the hacker's IP address and also some info about him...BUT please when I hack your PC don't run this program ;) (NO, don't be afraid...I don't hack anything!!)