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Click here to read about "The IGCSE Crisis" in 2005


Check the photos from the IGCSE end of exams celebration in British Council, Agouza, Cairo. It was held on June, 18


, 2004. Great Party!!

Read the testimonial that I wrote about IGCSE in my first year, for which I won a prize from FlyingColours Website. The testimonial is published on FlyingColours along with other testimonials at:



I think that my humble IGCSE page is nothing in comparison to the official IGCSE/GCSE website . It is a real great site that helps all IGCSE students. Maybe the greatest thing about that website is the forums, where everyone has the right to say whatever he/she thinks about any issue. ' So don't forget to read my messages on flyingcolours' forums ;)'

The reason I included this IGCSE page in my homepage is because I am grateful for that system. It has given me a lot during little time.


IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. This certificate is granted by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

In IGCSE, we are taught how to think preperly, how to generate logical ideas, how to depend on ourselves and how to become geniuses! Yes, it's true! The syllabus for any subject is ordinary but the way it is taught and the exams are totally artistic and amusing. I sometimes find myself enjoying solving an exam, inspite of all the stress and worry.

This gives me a chance to tell all those who don't know about IGCSE that it's not as some other people think it is, because some rumors have spread about IGCSE that it is an easy system and all the losers find a place there. Of course, this is completely wrong because IGCSE needs hard work and high grades are achieved by those who have special minds.


What makes IGCSE more beneficial to me is my school, Alexandria International School. It is my honour to be part of the great family there where everyone is so welcoming, totally nice and helpful. We are so much attached to the teachers that we feel they're our friends...

In my life, I have never seen such a great school. I used to love going there every morning and this made me love education and studying. So thanks to everyone who's been part of it :)