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Dedicated to all IGCSE students of 2005, who were treated unfairly and their lives have been changed by the relentless decisions from the Egyptian Ministries of Education and Higher Education.


"Even if they underestimated us, nothing will stop us from being who we are. They let us down but they can't take our dreams or lives. We can still achieve what we eagerly waited for; we can still determine our future. We are not defeated and we will not give up"  

No matter how rough the road may seem,

Nothing is harder than reaching a dream.

So when the going gets tough,

It is for a reason good enough,

To make us look for the good in life,

To make us work hard and strive.

You might think you failed sometimes,

Having not reached the goal in mind,

But how untrue your thoughts are!

For every experience in life is a star,

That leads you to what is planned for you.

Coz you might wish for a way,

While God planned your life in another way,

So that you may get the best of all,

Even if you have to stumble and fall,

As the worst of things come easily first,

While the best of dreams are reached last.

Don't be sorry for where you are today,

Be optimistic, look forward for each day,

Don't wait helplessly for good things to come,

Struggle for them, get your homework done,

Don't think of a mountain high enough,

Coz when the going gets tough,

The tough gets absolutely going!