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The news of el tanseeq this year came as striking as lightning to all IGCSE students .. I have created this page to share the horrors of what has happened to the IGCSE graduates of 2005 with everyone, as well as try and make our voices heard...
IGCSE students want their rights in joining Egyptian universities and ask for justice and equality between IGCSE and American Diploma mainly.

Click here to read the poem I've dedicated to all IGCSE students 0f 2005

IGCSE education is one above standard, known to be the best in Egypt. IGCSE students are qualified enough to join any university of their choice around the world. However, during the past two years, the number of American Diploma students has increased dramatically because there is no rules whatsoever for students to be enrolled in the American Diploma system...Students who got the lowest marks from all certificates (Thanaweyya Amma and IGCSE) transferred to American Diploma for hope of joining the faculties of their choice.

However, the minimum percentages of joining the Egyptian universities for IGCSE students were too high and on the other hand, they were too low for American Diploma students, although last year, it was known that the places for IGCSE students in the Egyptian universities were fixed as to 1.5% of the 5% allowed for all the equivalent certificates, but obviously, it did not happen at all this year! The reasons for this are certainly obvious !!

The following are some horrible percentages..They are not just ordinary numbers, but numbers that changed students' lives forever

It is interesting enough to know that the percentages for the American Diploma were from 8 - 13% lower than the numbers mentioned below..Also, the percentages below are about 10% lower than last year's minimum percentages for IGCSE students..Quite a big jump


Here you are the minimum percentages for accepting IGCSE students in Egyptian Universities for the academic year 2005-2006



طب القاهرة 123
طب عين شمس 123
طب أسنان عين شمس 123
طب الفم و الأسنان القاهرة 122
صيدلة عين شمس 122
طب الاسكندرية 122
طب الإسماعيلية 121
طب الفيوم 121
طب أسنان الاسكندرية 121
طب بنها 120
صيدلة القاهرة 120
طب بني سويف 119
طب طنطا 118
هندسة القاهرة 117
طب أسنان الإسماعيلية 117
طب الزقازيق 117
طب شبين الكوم 117
هندسة عين شمس 116
صيدلة حلوان 116
اقتصاد و علوم سياسية 116
طب أسيوط 115
طب أسنان المنيا 114
حاسبات و معلومات عين شمس 113
صيدلة الإسماعيلية 113
طب سوهاج 113
صيدلة طنطا 112
هندسة الاسكندرية 112
حاسبات و معلومات القاهرة 111
صيدلة بني سويف 111
صيدلة المنصورة 110
صيدلة الزقازيق 110
صيدلة المنيا 110
هندسة طنطا 110
هندسة حلوان 109
إعلام القاهرة 108
تخطيط عمراني القاهرة 108
هندسة شبرا 107
صيدلة أسيوط 107
هندسة المطرية 107
حاسبات و معلومات حلوان 106
علاج طبيعي القاهرة 106
هندسة المنصورة 106
هندسة الفيوم 106
هندسة كفر الشيخ 105
هندسة الزقازيق 105
هندسة شبين الكوم 103
طب بيطري الاسكندرية 103
هندسة بور سعيد 102
طب بيطري القاهرة 102
هندسة المنيا 101
هندسة أسيوط 101
حاسبات و معلومات الاسماعيلية 101
هندسة أسوان 100
حاسبات و معلومات الزقازيق 100
هندسة الكترونية منوف 100
حاسبات و معلومات المنصورة 99
حاسبات و معلومات السادات 98
طب بيطري المنصورة 98
حاسبات و معلومات المنيا 98
حاسبات و معلومات أسيوط 96
تجارة قاهرة 96
علوم عين شمس 95
تجارة الاسكندرية 95
طب بيطري كفر الشيخ 95
علوم الإسكندرية 95
طب بيطري بني سويف 93
علوم القاهرة 93
طب بيطري الزقازيق 92
طب بيطري بنها 92
طب بيطري الاسماعيلية 92
تجارة دمنهور 92
تجارة عين شمس 92
طب بيطري السادات 87
تجارة حلوان 83
طب بيطري أسيوط 83
علوم حلوان 80
طب بيطري قنا 77

I have an example of the disaster: my school, one of the top in Egypt, Beacon Award winner for the year 2003... The top students in Alexandria International School hardly joined the faculties of their choice..
here's an AD published before el tanseeq results, how everyone was proud of the great results they achieved

And after the tanseeq results, take a look at the universities the top students joined:

1. Hady Hazem El Tayeby -121.3% Medicine - Tanta

2. Tarek Hossam EL Din Hassab - 120.4% Medicine - Tanta

3.Nour Mohamed Ibrahim - 115.45% Dentistry - Mansoura

4.Ahmed Mohamed Badrah - 110% Engineering - Tanta

5.Omar Ahmed Khaled Morsi - 108.8% Engineering - Tanta

6.Fady Hany Yonan - 104.2 % Engineering - Shebeen ElKoum

These students could not join the faculty they were opting for in their home town with their top IGCSE grade. However, other students with lower American Diploma grade joined top faculties in Alexandria.

For example, these are the results of some students who studied for both IGCSE and American Diploma at the same time... Below are the percentage they achieved with each certificate and the faculties they joined (of course with the American Diploma minimum for universities!!)

X Student1  IGCSE 88% ... American 111%       Engineering - Alexandria

X Student2  IGCSE 87% ... American 106%       Medicine - Tanta

X Student3  IGCSE 107.5% ... American 113%   Medicine - Alexandria