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The theme of this Contest was "My Vision for the Future."

It has been a cruel world lately, where everyone fights for nonsense, no one is satisfied and the good are lost in the world's complicated maze. Therefore, a lot of efforts try to change the world's system and create a better view of life in the minds of all the new yauld generations, to replace the ugly picture of the world with a new one that would encourage them to go on. Hope lies in the generations that will grow up someday, when they start to disagree about the way the world is going, they will certainly start to change it.


My greatest hope is that this vision of the world's youths comes true, that everyone will fight against everything wrong, corrupted and illegal in this world. I wish that no one remains silent about something unacceptable and disgracing for our world. This is our role and duty.


As for the world itself, I do hope that it helps us achieve our dreams. This can really happen if only the world becomes a more homogeneous place to live in. We have become like strangers living in a place that does not accept the fact that we are a part of it; neither do we want to accept this...In other words, only a few people fulfil their responsibilities, which is very sorrowful. Protecting the environment has to be something that we all care about. Concerning our responsibilities towards each others, I hope we stick to love and sacrifice as long as we live and try to make them the main theme of our lives.


Moreover, I wish that all societies accept their pros and cons and try to benefit from everything they have, no matter how difficult and bad things may turn out to be. Hopefully, this should be accompanied by appreciation for the talents and abilities of young people. Age should never control one's activities, especially if this one is really gifted and special among the society. In addition, respect should not only be shown for young people, but for all people as well. Different religions, origins and even habits have to be respected. Unfortunately, there are still until now some people who feel that they are better than anyone on this planet. Certainly, there have to be other measures to judge people than their appearances. After all, one should be judged by who one is and not by money or authority. This brings us to something important that has to disappear, which is 'Violence'. A world with no violence is a safe world that encourages people to give their best without expecting anything in return, because whatever the results will turn out to be, they will not hold any violence or harm. As a result, no one will be afraid to say the truth and honesty will prevail.


It is also important to give individuals the chance to express themselves without boundaries. Expressing opinions freely will help gather useful views and talents for a better future. Spreading education and making it available for everyone would help make this happen. This means that learning sources should be available to everyone without having to pay much money to get a high standard of education either at schools or universities. A good educational background will stimulate individuals to do their best, with an awakened conscience and an honest soul, during performing the mission that the society expects from them in a perfect way.


On the other hand, I have high hopes concerning world peace. I hope that my imagination for the Utopia someday becomes true...We just need to respect the existence of other human beings in this world. Peace will prevail if there is not any killing, damage, hatred, carelessness or bad intentions towards each others. Everyone needs to fully understand the concept, aim and message of life: to live together in peace, loving and caring for each other until life is through...


As for my own future dreams, to find love among people is the best gift that God can grant me and it is my utmost concern. Also, I wish to achieve a high degree of education through learning and knowing about other cultures and people. Furthermore, I wish to become successful and capable of benefiting others. Also, I hope to spread love and peace through my writings. Finally, I wish to spend my coming life teaching my children how to become active loving members in this world and how to spend their lives doing something useful. 


To sum up, we need to be positive by sticking to actions, not words. Let us be one congruous channel for peace that spreads love... Let us give up our pride and stand hand in hand, one soul, one mind to help bring the world back to life...May our dreams help us in this mission.