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My 86th Poem, written 20.9.04

Dedicated to the amazing romantic South Korean serial "Autumn in My Heart"


With tears it was written, for the great inspiration given...

"Autumn in my heart" wasn't just something ordinary I've watched, it was like an experience, for it seemed real to me.

Hope you like the poem... 



Why do we always lose the ones we love?

They don't come back when we look above

Why do we feel bad when we miss them?

Why are we even meant to miss them?

Why does sadness chase us?

Why can't we escape life's mess?

Why does the world look totally black?

In this life, can't I get love back?

Why can't I bear the sadness love brings?

It made me forget all my happy things

Why are tears the closest to me now?

To you, I just can't fulfil my vow

Coz I can't live or exist without you

Everything in life feels untrue

My breath, I can hardly take it

It makes me feel guilty and faked

I don't ever deserve this being

Without you, it has no meaning

If death is a barrier I can't cross

How should I bear such loss?

If I can't leave life when I want

Being away from love isn't my fault

Tears are all I have in mind

Love once more, can I find?

It's been once, it's been true

In life it brought us through

Will destiny make this loss up?

Or should I keep asking life to stop?

But God didn't grant us life to lose

No one knows if today is mine or yours

So I'll live this painful way

As a foreigner, day by day

Not to think or worry about tomorrow

Or revive the past's tearing sorrow

Coz it'll keep living in my heart

Till the day from life I depart