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Written on 27.6.04


This poem is so close to my heart, because it is my 80th poem and it was written so easily that I can't believe I wrote it that fast!

One-sided love makes you cry

Never letting your tears run dry

It makes you feel hurt everyday

Not to be loved in the same way

You give with nothing in return

And within you, your feelings burn

You are afraid to say it too clearly

But you still love so eagerly

You can't ask him how he feels

And you need something that heals

Wounded as if from war

Coz your love is so sure

But you can't help wondering

If he thinks the same about you

If he wants to know your love is true

So that he can make a clear move

But this, how would you prove?

How would you ever know?

Your love, you are afraid to show

And this way he'll never know

But then you wonder again

If you are meant to feel the pain

Coz he might not really love you

So what are you going to do?

Step back and disappear,

Or let your love be clear?

It's like walking in a maze

You don't know the right place,

The decision is mysterious

Yet, your love is so serious