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written 22.3.04

Don't worry, I will not go tomorrow

So for now, save your sorrow

I still have a lot to go through

Life needs what I will do

My determination is great

Unaffected, it can't be changed

My mind is non-stopable

I always think of the impossible

As we make things look worst

But it's not real; a view we forced

Due to minds unable to understand

What life asks and demands

Always traditional and unfree

To believe of everything's possiblity

To refuse today if it's cruel

And create dreams that can rule







Believe there's a message for you

A passage to walk through

That there're others waiting

To benefit from the role you're taking

And even if they think you are

Foolish, stupid and bizarre

They will surely know someday

Your life isn't a game to play

It has a meaning they don't accept

But later on, they will believe

You're the BEST...