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Poem written for the graduation of the school's third year students in 2003, read in the graduation ceremony by Ms Shirin Youssef, the IGCSE co-ordinator in Alexandria International School.

Dear parents, students and all

This is a day you will recall

For it is so special and unique

To get what you mostly seek


Teachers working, students studying

Dreams coming, dreams going

Years do seem so far

Yet they made you who you are


Many tough and cruel failures

Harsh and bad experiences

Now they're away from us

Though they're the reason for success


Now it's important to see

The person you can always be

For God has given everyone

What's best in life to become


So be alerted, be awake

Learn from every mistake

Make a goal and follow the way

Which will lead to a brighter day


Dream..dream..never stop

Dreams won't let you drop

And within life's pain

What you deserve, you'll gain


Always try to see the light

And welcome your future with delight

Turn your sadness into memories

And fill your life with never-ending melodies


May God make your life blessed

And always full of what is best

May happiness be a guide for your life

And may life play to you on its magical fife