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This article was published in Teen Stuff magazine. Issue: August 2002.

'Heartbeat' is a romantic novel from the first place. It gives a realistic view of many important problems of any society especially the American one. It discusses marital problems and how someone is subjected to lose his beloved ones when he's busy and away from them. This happens when Bill Thigpen and his wife Leslie get divorced when he's occupied in writing and producing his no.1 T.V. drama, in order to provide his family a better life. Although he loves his wife and children so much, he might be too busy to fulfil his duties towards them in a perfect way. Bill is being described in the novel as a perfect man who is kind, loving, nice and wise but his wife never appreciates the responsibilities of his work and she is never able to bear few more years for Bill to settle a safe life for their children that will help them not to be living in poverty again. But it is all over, and Bill travels to Hollywood to follow the success of his show.

On the other side of the novel, Danielle Steel gives a moral lesson to all loversshe says that love between couples is never enough for marriage but there should be well-understanding and agreement. This is shown in the life of the happy married couple Adrian and Steven. Steven is a successful person in his life, and his poor childhood made him search for a better life. But the dark side caused by this childhood is his hatred to children and any responsibilities related to them. And as a result to Steven's strange thoughts about children and their dangerous responsibilities (as he thinks), they agreed before marriage about not having children. But after two years and a half of a calm and a serious marriage, Adrian gets unintentionally pregnant and she refuses to have an abortion to satisfy her husband. As a result, Steven walks out on her and they file for divorce. In the middle of her problems with Steven, Adrian gets to know Bill whom she works with in the same building as she works in news production and he also luckily lives in the other side of the complex where she lives...Getting to know Adrian better, Bill falls deeply and truly in love with her, even more than he loved his ex-wife. And yet, Adrian is a mystery in her words since she is embarrassed to get involved with someone else while her husband has just walked out on her, leaving her pregnant

As time passes by, while Bill's kids Adam and Tommy visits him, they all get to spend the vacation with Adrian. They go for a camp and while Bill is away, Adrian happens to save Tommy from drowning and exposes herself and her baby's life to serious danger. And due to this, she gets seriously injured and then, it is time to reveal her well-kept secret about pregnancy. Before that, she thought Bill would leave her if he gets to know about it, but the truth appears to be totally the opposite. When Bill knows she is pregnant, he loves her more and he loves her baby as if it were his.

However, after the baby's born, and in spite of her great love to Bill, Adrian still feels an obligation towards her ex-husband Steven. She still feels that he should see the baby he had given up, and renounced all his parental rights antenatally. She thinks he might change his mind and want the babyBut when Steven comes to see the baby, for a moment, he feels he might accept it being a father but the truth that is so obvious on him is that he is still psychologically affected by the issue of children. And by the end of that last meeting between Adrian and Steven, his role in her life -as well as the novel- was over.

The novel ends by the agreement of marriage between Adrian and Bill. Also, he accepts her baby and adores being his father too.

Danielle Steel touches the Heartbeat of two wonderful people as their friendship deepens into love, as they meet the obstacles that life presents with humor, humanity, and courage.

And now you know the novel's main events but if you ever get to read the original novel itself, you feel more excited not only with the events but also with the artistic view of Steel to life. She fills the novel with info that makes you feel you live in each character and know how it feels to be in each situation reviewed in the novel. And whatever opinion or point of view you're having about the novel, you will say 'They're right, if I were in their shoes, I would do the same!' You will never feel it's a story or something faked. It's real life! The novel doesn't have any unconvincing point about its events and it makes you feel as if it were a true story. And as America's #1 Bestseller, Steel never forgets a point or even lets you make a single noticeYou'd never imagine that the events or results could be anything but what they actually are in Heartbeat, and the same goes with all her novels too.

Although the events are neither many nor complicated, they are described in more than four hundred pages, because Steel writes her novels in minute details and she describes everything about her characters, even the conclusions a reader makes are all written and every single situation in the novel is enriched with the description of the feelings and notices about the characters during them.

The novel is a pure piece of golden art. One might think that the modern literature is never as great as the old one. But this is completely disproved by Danielle Steel throughout her novels. Steel proved that modern literature -even if it's totally different from old literature- has a great amount of realistic purposes for it to be written in this new different way, especially when the writer is totally aware of the different circumstances of the society, so, don't say it's nothing. In fact, it's a great thing for anyone to read and it's never too late to get into the literature world and if you are ready to get into the social romantic world this time, start with Danielle Steel!

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