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This article was published in Teen Stuff Magazine. Issue: May 2001.


Lots of new  bands and singers are out these days but many of them are not well known and we think they won't last for a long time. On the other hand, we have some other good bands who made their own way so well and they deserve a little attention from us"A1" is one of those bands

The band is Mark Read, Paul Marazzi, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Ben Adams. They were picked among thousands of hopeful young men in 1997, by Tim Byrne and his associates at Byrne Blood Limited.

Since the summer of 1998, they have been presenting showcases for many record companies, and the 26th of February 1999 they closed a record deal with ColumbiaRecords/SonyMusic which is one of the biggest deals ever made between a record company and a new band.

The band performed live for the first time at a festival in Birmingham the 27th 29th of November, 1998, and since then they have been travelling all over the UK as well as visiting other European countries and Asia.

A1 went on tour for the first time in March 1999, as they were the main supporting act for Steps during their UK tour.

In 2000 they were the first band ever to visit all of Japan's 47 prefectures in one tour.

A1's first single "Be the first to believe" was released the 21st of June 1999, and debuted as number 6 in the official UK charts. It's worked really well and it's still the motto they carry with them today: Believe in yourself and go for it!

The second & third singles "Every time/Ready or Not" went all the way to number 3 in the charts and did very well in the rest of Europe as well. Both singles are included in their first album, "Here we come", which was released the 22nd of November 1999. It debuted as number 20 in the UK Charts.

"I've got a lot of faith in our abilities and we just do our best, that's our motto. As long as we do our best, no-one can ask for any more" Ben-A1

The title "Here we come" came after they all had a lot of different ideas, but they wanted a title that reflected the fact they're not here just as a one-hit band. They're here to stay for a long time and this is just the beginning!

"Forever In Love" is probably the most special song on the album simply because it was the first song they ever wrote together. It's also a song they've taken with them from day one. A1 arranged it a cappella so that they can take it to all the TV shows, all the concerts and things like that and sing it there for everybody. It's one of the most special ones.

Racing on with the other emerging hit makers, A1 had made their way for another top spot. "Like A Rose" gave them a mark on the audience that had been inspired by the likes of Backstreet Boys, *N Sync and Westlife making them another fave act on their lists. "Like A Rose", to consider, is like any other classic love attempt (that will surely make the heart go redder and happier). Yes, it had won a number of people's hearts. Besides, the song went straight to no.6 in the UK charts.

Another great track that was debuted as no. 5 in the charts is "Summertime of Our Lives". This is a summer party song, and it was released the 30th of August 1999. Maybe it could have the chance to become a summer hit if it was released earlier!

After that and as a preparation for a new album, their first single from "The A list" was released on 28/8/00 titled "Take on me". The single went step by step in progress till it finally made it and hit the charts at no. 1 lately!

"I think probably the first hopes and dreams we had for this year was to eventually achieve a Number One record and fortunately for us it eventually happened and we reached Number One with "Take On Me"." Mark-A1

As a successor, on 13/11/00 another single was released titled "Same old brand new you" hitting the charts again at no. 1!

And at last, their second album " The A List" was out late in the year 2000. "The A List" is another hit packed eclectic mix of raunchy funked up numbers, r&b, ballads and all out pop! With hard edge r&b tracks such as 'No More' and 'Too Bad Baby', the acoustic soul of 'One More Try' and epic balladry of 'The Things We Never Did' added to 'Take On Me' and 'Same Old Brand New You'.

The guys have written almost all their music by themselves, and nearly all of the songs are produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rowling  (famous for Cher's superhit "Believe"). However, a few of them are written, composed and produced by others, such as Steve Mac (who worked with Boyzone and Ronan Keating), Eric Foster White (who has been working with Madonna, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears) and Chris Porter (George Michael's associate). All producers are cooperating closely with the band.

A1's style is primarily pop, but they also make music that is different from the average boy band. Their albums go off into different directions 'cause they've got different tastes of music: Christian's very much into rock, Mark into pop, Paul into funk and Ben into soul. You can hear all the different influences on their albums.

The latest thing A1 has achieved is the Best Newcomer Award at Brit's 2001.

Now let's have a chitchat about who those guys are

Ben Adams was born on 22/11/1981 in Great Britain. He's the youngest member of the band and he has got 1 brother and 1 sister who are both under the age of 8! He left school at 16 with 7 A's & 3 B's at GCSE-level. Ben plays the Piano, violin and oboe. He has sung for all the royalty (royal weddings etc.) and the pope, as well as on many TV-shows. He has also already recorded 2 classical CD's because he was head chorister of St.Margarets Westminster Abbey.

Christian Ingebrigtsen was born on 25/1/1977 in Norway. He has got 1 sister: Eva (32), and 1 brother Martin (18). His father (Stein Ingebrigtsen) was a popstar in Norway back in the 70's and his grandfather was a violinist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 17 years. Christian is educated from Secondary School for music/dance/drama and High School (USA). He plays the Piano and the guitar. He has played in musicals, talent shows etc. his whole life and has also played the piano for 11 years.

Mark Daniel Read was born on 7/11/1978 in Great Britain. He has got 2 brothers: Colin (25) and Gary (22). He plays the piano and drums. He loves all kinds of music. Mark has been singing and playing the piano since the age of 3. He's been performing on cruise ships around the world and has also presented England in a song festival in Romania. He's done lots of acting and other fun stuff!

Paul Marazzi was born on 24/1/1975 in Great Britain. He has got 1 sister (Shareen). He attended primary school in London, and secondary in Hertfordshire. He doesn't play any kind of instruments but he likes singing, writing and he also likes going to see live bands.

Well, I guess you now know enough information about A1; all you have to do is getting their albums as soon as possible! Enjoy!