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Written: September 2000


It was a curse the day I knew you

It was a life about to change coz of you

Memories were waiting for me to write

Every moment which I didn't like

Nothing with me now except tears

Happiness and hopes got lost from years

I wish I don't remember those days

When I was fooled by your untrue plays

I was like a drunk with you

But now I am back to face you

You said you love me I wont forget

And I will always remember how we met

But why you deceived me with your word

Why you talked to me like a bird

And within your heart I haven't known

What you meant by every kiss you've blown

Now I've discovered everything you did

Why you did and why you said

I was nothing for you but a game

And I know I'm the one to blame

I should have known the truth

But I was so blind and confused

I wish I can forgive myself for what I did

And erase those bad memories from my head

Anyway, life will pass me by

And I will never give it up and say good-bye