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It's the third poem that I wrote on the 20th of August 2000 and I call it 'My lucky poem', coz it has been published in Teen Stuff magazine and in Watani International newspaper. I got the Editor's Choice Award for it from the International Library of Poetry ()

     I smelt a strange perfume

Coming out so pure

I didnt know what it was

But I wished to smell it so close

I finally found this beautiful flower

Which had an unbelievable colour

Its leaves were so big so bright

Like the stars of the night

It was shining in the dark

Brightening up like a spark

It was sending messages to my eyes

And I felt I was in paradise

Words could not describe it

But I could revive it

I wished to know what was that

Was it a dream or for real?

I tried to tell the flower to stay

To know if it was a play

But suddenly I heard a voice from above

Telling me its love

The love we miss these days

Which is our message in life

The message came out from the flower

'Carry love to every child

Spread love in the deserts

Love the homeless, love the orphans

 Love the poor, love the rich

Love the friend, love the enemy

Love me and love you

Love to love

Coz there's no life without love.'